Our Products

All Slide Sheets are constructed of a strong and resilient low stretch material that is soft, smooth and easy to handle, while giving off minimal static discharge. Sheets come in two color options - Maroon or Caribbean Blue.

  • Constructed of polyester and taffeta with a silicon finish
  • Anti-microbial finish that reduces cross contamination and provides infection control
  • Easy to launder (up to 150 washes)


Now have it 2 ways: With Handles and Without Handles!

FSS6079RD- Red Slide Sheet
FSS6079CB- Blue Slide Sheet
FSS6072RDH- Red Slide Sheet w/ Handles
FSS6072CBH- Blue Slide Sheet w/ Handles

-Single Patient Use

single patient image

FK46075BD- Light Blue Single Patient Use Sheet

-Storage Bag

storage bag image

FSSBag CB- Slide Sheet Storage Bag