Anti-static Report on

Slide Sheets


Bainbridge International Pty Ltd has independently tested the anti-static properties of the Slide Sheets in a NATA registered laboratory.

Concerns have been expressed about the potential of the slide sheet material building
up a static charge, which could be capable of generating a spark which, in turn, could ignite flammable gasses or liquids in a hospital environment. (Static charges can be felt
at 3,500 volts, heard at 4,500 and seen at 5,500 volts.)

was tested to ascertain what voltage could be produced by repeatedly rubbing the surface of the fabric together. The static charge generated was only 1,200 volts positive which was measured using a fully calibrated ACL Digital Static Field Analyzer.

In conclusion, tests revealed that the static charge generated by the Slide Sheet is minuscule compared to many other objects and materials which are currently being used in the hospital.


Laundering Slide Sheets


Laundering and cleaning carried out by an ISO 9002 compliant company using a wash cycle as follows:
• 4 minute start up rinse at 104 degrees F
• 45 minute wash at 158 – 167 degrees F
The following chemicals were used within the wash cycle:
• A mild detergent with a pH of 7.0
• A break-wash additive with a pH of 13.0 and Hydrogen Peroxide.
The drying temperature was 40 minutes at 149 degrees F with a cool down cycle of 5 minutes.

Using the above washing and drying parameters, the Slide Sheet achieved over 150 washes without losing any of the slip properties on either side of the fabric.

Recommended washing is 149 to 167 degrees F and drying from 122 to 149 degrees F. Due to the silicon coating on the fabric and the way it is finished, we do not recommend Chlorine bleaches. The preference would be Hydrogen Peroxide and/or Peracetic Acid.

There are several alternatives for wash temperatures for thermal disinfection. These are as follows:
5 minutes at 181 Degrees F 12 minutes at 154.4 Degrees F
8 minutes at 167 Degrees F 15 minutes at 140 Degrees F
10 minutes at 158 Degrees F

(Not stipulated above are wash temperatures for removing Roto Virus from contaminated linen. Wash for 8 minutes at 185 degrees F.) Many people within the industry prefer thermal disinfection versus chemical disinfection for washing potentially contaminated linen, as it is easier, more economical, and a safer alternative. Because our fabrics are constructed of light weight polyester, they must be treated with care when washing and drying.

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