Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the points to consider?
a. is not used to lift patients.
b. Though an adult may be considered “light” by the nursing staff, they are always well above the weight limits recommended by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.
c. Understanding that each organization is different, facilities should consider implementing a standardized and consistent approach when using PolyGlide.

2. Can the be used for lateral transfers?
a. Yes. The polyester and low friction technology creates a low-friction outer surface that glides smoothly, no matter which side you use.
b. Use a gentle push and pull method for lateral transfer.

3. How should the be cleaned?
a. Laundering and cleaning have been carried out by an ISO 9002 compliant company.
b. We do not recommended Chlorine bleach at any time.
c. See cleaning instructions.

4. How does the control static electricity?
a. Static charges are felt at 3,500 volts, heard at 4,500 volts and seen at 5,500 volts.
b. generates no more then 1,200 volts, and was measured using a fully calibrated ACL Digital Static Field Analyzer.

5. Does utilize latex?
a. NO

6. How to distinguish ?
a. The color combination as well as the sizes can distinguish the slide sheets from any other sheet in the facility.